Lesson 17 – Auto and Manual Focus

In this photography lesson we will be talking about auto and manual focus. I will show your how to change the focus setting in the camera from auto to manual. We will discus different auto focusing modes. I will also how your how to focus with a single focus point and when is better to use manual focus instead of auto.   INFORMATION FROM THE VIDEO: AUTOFOCUS MODES: NIKON                                  CANON AF-S (AF singles)                 One Shot – Once … Continue reading

Lesson 12 – Light Metering

This lesson is about very important aspect of photography, which is light metering. We will be talking about incident and reflected metering. We also will go through different metering modes in the camera (like spot, average, matrix, center-waited).   VISUALS FROM THE VIDEO:     TAKE A QUIZ TO TEST THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN THIS LESSON.