Lesson 34 – Photographing Christmas Light or Any Type of Lights at Night (Night Photography)

In this lesson, I will show you how you can take some pictures of Christmas Lights, but you can also use those tips while taking pictures of any kind of lights at night. You will also learn how you can create HDR images with in-camera HDR, as well as with Adobe Lightroom. I will also show you how you can create some fun abstract art while using slow shutter speed.

Lesson 33 – Buying DSLR Camera

This is PART 1 of the series about BUYING DSLR CAMERA In this Part, we will talk about Camera Brand, Full, and Crop Frame Sensor, Lenses availability. These series of the videos were created to guide you through the main features of DSLR Cameras, you need to know about while buying a New DSLR Camera. Not all of them might be important to you, but once you know about them and understand what they mean, It will be much easier to make a buying decision. This is PART 2 of the series about BUYING DSLR CAMERA In this Part, we … Continue reading

Lesson 32 – How to Extend the Background in Photoshop using Content Aware Fill

This is Photoshop Lesson in which I will show you how to extend a background in your photo using Content Aware Fill. We also be using clone stamp tool to perfect the background extension. Image for this tutorial was kindly provided by Mark Watson. You can find more of his images from this wedding here: http://www.markwatsonphotos.com/chris-and-ness/

Lesson 31 – Filters (Photography Lesson)

This is part 1 of the lesson 31 about filters. In this video we will be talking about different type of filters based on the way they connect to the lens: – screw-on filters – drop-in filters – square and rectangular filter systems We will also take a look at stepping rings (step up and step down), as well as UV filters.   This is part 2 of the lesson 31 about filters. In this video we will be talking ND filters: – Fixed Density – Variable Density as well as about graduated ND Filters We will take a look … Continue reading

Lesson 30 – Nikon and Canon lenses overview

In this photography tutorial I will make a general overview of Nikon and Canon lenses. You will learn what all those numbers and letters on the lens and in the lens name mean. We will be talking about Focal Length, Fixed and Variable Apertures, Crop and Full Frame sensor lenses, ED glass and Nano Crystal Coating Canon L lenses and much more. SOME INFO FROM THE VIDEO: Lenses might differ by they focal length. They can also be Zoom (changeable focal length) or Prime (fixed focal length) lenses. One of important aspects of the lens is its maximum aperture. Ofter … Continue reading