Lesson 12 – Light Metering

This lesson is about very important aspect of photography, which is light metering. We will be talking about incident and reflected metering. We also will go through different metering modes in the camera (like spot, average, matrix, center-waited).



photography tutorial on reflected light metering

incident light metering

light meter in the camera

light meter in the camera

light metering underexposed

light metering overexposed light meter in the camera underexposued


light metering modes photography tutorial

average light metering mode

matrix light metering mode

center-waited metering mode


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10 Responses to Lesson 12 – Light Metering

  1. Glenn72 says:

    Thank you Oksana for taking the time to create this video. The information was presented very well in an easy to understand way and the example photos that you provided help to emphasize your lesson.

  2. Chc says:

    Your lessons are excellently put together and presented in an easy to understand manner. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to make these lessons available free of cost for so many aspiring photographers out there like myself. This in my opinion must rank as one of the best courses available on the web for teaching all that one needs to know about basic photography. Thank you so much.
    I do have one small suggestion however and i hope you dont mind me offering to help in the spelling of some english words. For example, the correct spelling is shutter and not shatter as written in your text.

    • easyexposureeasyexposure says:

      I totally don’t mind the help with spelling. 🙂 I still have some straggle with that. Also unfortunately sometimes I don’t have time to double check. Thanks for your help. If you see more mistakes, please let me know.

  3. Chc says:

    When using a grey card to get a more accurate white balance in your picture, what setting should the white balance be in the camera? Thanks very much and keep up the good work. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  4. A-Fan-4evaA-Fan-4eva says:


  5. Vlad_Key says:

    Oksana, thank you so much for this lesson. You make so understandable and clear. I was confused with those metering modes and how to use them properly. Thank to you I know now. Спасибо!

  6. IzzyM says:

    I have spent hours trying to find a tutorial as easy and detailed as what you have provided, You are My Mentor, Thank You so much for posting your awesome videos, I have learned alot more in so little time.

  7. Roy750 says:

    Hi there,
    Your tutorials are absolutely fab. You’re very kind to share this valuable data!!! Thank you very much for allowing to have those insights.
    If you don’t mind, I’d be happy to ask you something re the metering.
    I was wondering why did you say to get closer to the subject while you can just spot meter your subject? Would it not be less hassle?

    Thank you in advance for responding,

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