Lesson 1 – Aperture

Welcome to my first Photography Lesson. I promise you if you watch all my video lessons you will have the photography basics down! To start with lesson 1 is recommended. In this lesson I will be talking about APERTURE, which is an opening inside the lens which lets light into the camera. You will also learn that f-stops/f-numbers are. We will also discuss how does aperture influence Depth of Field (DoF) in your picture. So please enjoy the video:




photography tutorial

photography tutorial about photography

photography lesson about aperture

photography lesson - aperture

photography lesson - aperture

aperture - f-stop

aperture opening


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16 Responses to Lesson 1 – Aperture

  1. pavi says:

    please tell me how to focus wile making a video with CANON REBAL T1I,and how con zoom,if i zoom the focus will go out,tell me please,my E mail,kikukisu@yahoo.com) same id for facebook,thankyou dear

  2. SharionSharion says:

    Your drawing are so helpful.

  3. Jason says:

    Thank you for videos and materials. They are excellent and most helpful to me.

  4. nevah says:

    thank you so much .. i am finally understanding the relationships between iso. shutter and f stops …

  5. Ivone Nance says:

    Great help!! Thank you!

  6. Derek says:

    Very good site just bought d7000 with 18 to 200 lense crazy camera just love it

  7. john grosso says:

    thank you for the forum.it was very good,

  8. melissahall456 says:

    Very good lesson. Thanks!

  9. hesham says:

    Good lessons,
    great charts and diagrams
    keep good workings on

  10. A-Fan-4evaA-Fan-4eva says:


  11. Jacklynchark says:

    Awesome video. I have learned so much in this one video lesson. Looking forward to all the rest.

  12. Mirza bilal AhmadMirza bilal Ahmad says:

    mam i love the all lessons but from 5 to till 9 lessons are missing i cant see them how can i watch them … ?/

  13. Jack says:

    so helpful , thanks

  14. AdjustingxAdjustingx says:

    Thank you , thank you, thank you!

    I can’t believe I’ve found a great “virtual mentor” through your lessons.
    AND many examples are with the very camera I’ve decided to invest in, the D7000!

    I look forward to catching up from lesson 1 to what ever lesson you’re putting together today in 2015.


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