Lesson 30 – Nikon and Canon lenses overview


In this photography tutorial I will make a general overview of Nikon and Canon lenses. You will learn what all those numbers and letters on the lens and in the lens name mean. We will be talking about Focal Length, Fixed and Variable Apertures, Crop and Full Frame sensor lenses, ED glass and Nano Crystal Coating Canon L lenses and much more. SOME INFO FROM THE VIDEO: Lenses might differ by they focal length. They can also be Zoom (changeable focal length) or Prime (fixed focal length) lenses. One of important aspects of the lens is its maximum aperture. Ofter … Continue reading

Lesson 28 – Multiplying Person in Photoshop (Using Masks)


In this Photography lesson I will teach you how to multiply person in a photo. You will learn how to take pictures for this effect and also how to process them in Photoshop. I will show you two ways how to open your images as layers in Photoshop (through Adobe Lightroom and Bridge). I will also explain how to use masks, which are very useful for Photoshop work in general.

Lesson 23 – DoF Calculator and Hyperfocal Distance

Lessom 23 hyperfocal distance

In this photography lesson we will be learning about Depth of Field (DoF) and how to calculate it knowing aperture, focal length of the lens and distance to the subject. We will also talk about Hyperfocal Distance.   DETAILS FROM THE VIDEO: Depth of field Calculator: Depth of Field Calculator Depth of Field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear sharp/in focus in an image Depth of Field depends on Aperture, focal length of the lens, distance to the subject and also size of camera sensor Hyperfocal Distance If you focuse on … Continue reading

Lesson 21 – Full Frame (FX) vs Crop Sensor (DX) – Nikon D7000 vs D800

Lessom 21 full frame crop sensor

In this photography lesson I will be comparing Full Flame (FX) to Crop (DX) sensor. We will be talking about lenses for Full Flame (FX) and Crop (DX) sensor. You will also learn about crop factor and perform an ISO test for Nikon D800 and Nikon D7000.   DETAILS FROM THE VIDEO:     Full and Crop Sensor Lenses Nikon DX – for crop sensor FX- for full sensor Canon EF-S – for crop sensor EF – for full sensor